Hi guys,
It’s been a busy day at grtd.io!

A small executive team means that all voices are heard and taken into account, while two members of our exec team wanted to announce our products and incorporate them to the road map as soon as possible (with the risks that such thing involve in terms of competence), the other two members were undecided. Insights apart, we’re proud to announce the four new features and smart contracts which will be an essential part of our roadmap:

This feature will provide holders with a daily bonus it will also provide adopters with the possibility of providing Liquidity depositing the LP tokens in the contract (Gratitude Stake & Liquidity is based on Uniswap Smart Contracts, licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0).

The legal sector is one of Blockchain’s fastest-growing sectors at the moment. GRTD will make good use of Blockchain’s best intrinsic features: immutability.
Crypto-wills are here to stay and solve a fundamental problem: what will happen to digital assets when holders die? Currently, millions of dollars are lost on a yearly basis because of death or lost of private keys. A Smart Contract can be helpful in those cases to handle your most precious assets.
Will & Legacy Contract could also be used to lock assets long term and see them grow over the years, avoiding trading temptations and benefiting from long term growth. Will & Legacy Contracts will also allow testators to easily define beneficiary accounts in a Smart Contract.

Multisig wallets (based on Gnosis MultiSignWallet), which is a verified smart contract currently storing millions of USD in Ethers are an outstanding solution for companies, institutions, families and couples to handle funds securely.
Funds point of failure resistance: some account holders can recover the funds if one or more members lose their keys
Security: If owners set a minimum percentage for a withdrawal, then funds will be transferred only when a pre-defined consensus is reached

A crypto crowdfunding campaign and social media platform for NGO’s to list projects and receive contributions from adopters in Ether. NGO Safe Crowdfunding will allow organisations to easily create safe crowdfunding landing/profile platform to receive donations on a per-project basis.

More details about the architecture in our whitepaper: https://grtd.io/GratitudeWhitepaper.pdf

The GRTD-Gratitude token is a new cryptocurrency that is aimed to be given to others altruistically.