Gratitude. Cryptocurrency changing the world, for the better.

Gratitude (GRTD)
2 min readJan 10, 2021


We asked ourselves a really simple question in the beginning of this journey: How could we use cryptocurrency to really make the difference?

Imagine a world where people are prone (and able) to express their gratitude to one another with just one click.

It’s very simple, you only have to download our wallet and recharge it with Gratitude tokens.

Our Ethereum-based token is Ultra Fast & Secure and offers Instant Private Transactions. We’re offering a solution to several industries and we’re also providing people with the ability to tip, contribute, or express their gratitude with one click in industries and places where this has never been done before.

Gratitude has Limitless Applications and is Highly adaptable and scalable: Imagine you see a lovely piece of street art, you only have to scan the artist’s QR code in the mural and show them your gratitude.

Gratitude could also be used in sport events, fundraisings, help the homeless (in person or anonymously), embedded in social media profiles like facebook, Tik tok or Onlyfans.

But don’t get us wrong, although this project is all about getting millions of people to be thankful to one another, we are developing a fully working business-oriented platform and our token will rise in value.

We’re also offering a high ROI with 7.5% monthly return on your initial token acquisition (January to November) and up to 17.5% interest return paid in December for tokens acquired during the year. So basically, you’re doubling your initial acquisition in one year.

Apart from offering an Instant Private Reliable & Low Cost Transaction, Gratitude represents Embedded altruism, we’re a decentralized autonomous organization that cooperates according to transparent rules encoded on the Ethereum blockchain, eliminating the need for a centralized, administrative entity.

Gratitude’s long-time goal is to fundraise, manage financial operations, and decentralize governance to the community, promoting thankfulness and gratitude in the world.

Don’t miss out and get on board!



Gratitude (GRTD)

The GRTD-Gratitude token is a new cryptocurrency that is aimed to be given to others altruistically.