Hi guys,
It’s been a busy day at grtd.io!

A small executive team means that all voices are heard and taken into account, while two members of our exec team wanted to announce our products and incorporate them to the road map as soon as possible (with the risks that such thing involve in terms of competence), the other two members were undecided. Insights apart, we’re proud to announce the four new features and smart contracts which will be an essential part of our roadmap:


This feature will provide holders with a daily bonus it will also provide adopters with…

Gratitude — GRTD — 14th February 2021 — Pre Sale announced

1st February 2021 — Whitelist

Executive team to provide 4 ETH liquidity plus whitelist for 50 spots at 1 ETH each. Initial 54 ETH liquidity.

No centralized risk.

Fully decentralized liquidity from day 1.

· We’d like users to be confident liquidity won’t be pulled. So we’re going to do a whitelist for 50 spots at 1 ETH each. They will be provided with a very generous GRTD package. Please contact our CEO if you’d like to become a funding partner.

· That way on launch there will be…

Gratitude. Cryptocurrency changing the world, for the better

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We asked ourselves a really simple question in the beginning of this journey: How could we use cryptocurrency to really make the difference?

Imagine a world where people are prone (and able) to express their gratitude to one another with just one click.

It’s very simple, you only have to download our wallet and recharge it with Gratitude tokens.

Our Ethereum-based token is Ultra Fast & Secure and offers Instant Private Transactions. …

Gratitude (GRTD)

The GRTD-Gratitude token is a new cryptocurrency that is aimed to be given to others altruistically.

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